Protect Falco is a quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon. Falco is concerned about a possible attempt on his life, and wants the Nerevarine to stay close to him, as he fears it may happen very soon.


  1. Talk to Falco about the next assignment.
  2. Protect him from the assassins.
  3. Talk to Falco again to receive the reward.


Meeting back with FalcoEdit

Leave town and wait for about 3 days until you receive a journal entry. Return and speak to Falco about your next assignment to have him tell you that he may be assassinated, and that he needs you to stay close to him and protect him from any danger

Assassination AttemptEdit

Stick close to Falco for a short while until you are attacked and receive a journal entry. The assassins Baslod and Cimber Valerius will attack using bows while Capiton Popillius uses a longsword. The three guards then fight back against the assassins as well, and is suggested you fight them back.

Return to FalcoEdit

Once the three are dead, return and speak to Falco and receive your reward.


Protect Falco
Falco is concerned about a possible attempt on his life, and wants me to stay close to him.
  • Quest accepted
An assailant has attacked Falco and run off.
The attackers have been killed, and Falco is safe.
Falco thanked me for keeping him safe.
  • Quest complete
I have failed to keep Falco safe from the attackers.
  • Quest failed

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