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Protecting the Bloodline is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. The Dragonborn is asked by either Fura Bloodmouth or Garan Marethi to kill a boss level Vampire at a radiant location. It serves as a radiant story quest in the vampire questline.


The quest involved purifying the vampiric bloodline by slaying various fledgling vampires, bandits, and a Master Vampire at a randomly selected location across Skyrim or Solstheim, if Dragonborn has been downloaded. As a radiant quest, it can be completed an unlimited number of times.

Possible locationsEdit



Journal Entry
<questgiver>, concerned that additional vampires in the area will cause problems from the Court, has sent me to <radiant location> where I am to destroy the <leveled vampire> before it turns its allies into vampires.
  • Objective: Kill the <leveled vampire> at <radiant location>
  • Objective: Return to <questgiver>
<questgiver>, concerned that additional vampires in the area would cause problems from the Court, sent me to <radiant location> where I destroyed the <leveled vampire> before it turned its allies into vampires.
  • Quest complete

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