Protecting the Hall is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Hrogar's Hold is being overrun by goblins and spiders. Uggonn, a local, asks for the Vestige's help in saving the Hold.

Quick wlkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Hrogar
  2. Talk to Gar
  3. Kill 15 goblins and spiders
  4. Talk to Fafnyr
  5. Talk to Hrogar
  6. Defend the Hall
  7. Talk to Fafnyr


Talk to HrogarEdit

The Vestige must head to Hrogar's Hold. On their way they may encounter several Covenant troops.

Once they enter the main building, they will find Hrogar standing next to his wife, Edwina. He will tell the Vestige that goblins are invading their hold because the Daggerfall Covenant is killing their spider queens and using their caves to store war supplies. Then, Hrogar will ask the Vestige to find Gar (Hrogar's son) and help him rescue Bjorick (Hrogar's son).

Talk to GarEdit

Gar will be found outside the main building, near the windmill. He will tell the Vestige that they can help him find Bjorick by killing goblins and spiders as a distraction while he looks for his brother.

Kill goblins and spidersEdit

Goblins and spiders will be scattered over the farm. It is advisable to kill each small group without letting them chase you all over the place. This will stop other enemies from joining the fight and creating a big and challenging group.

Talk to FafnyrEdit

Fafnyr can be found southeast of the main building. He will ask the Vestige to warn Hrogar about the goblins gathering for a final attack on the hold.

Talk to HrogarEdit

The Vestige should enter the main building again. When Hrogar is warned, he will call his guards and head to the hold cellar.

Defend the HallEdit

Once in the cellar, three rounds of goblins and spiders will emerge from the ground. The Vestige must fight them with help from Hrogar, Borasa and Aldrig. The last round will include a War Chief Goblin and a War Chief Spider. The objective is completed when all the enemies have been defeated.

Find GarEdit

The Vestige should now exit the hold looking for Gar, but outside Fafnyr will be found instead.

Talk to FafnyrEdit

Fafnyr will tell the Vestige that Gar is missing because they managed to find Bjorick, but they were ambushed on their way back and the brothers were kidnapped by the goblins.


  • 138 GoldIcon