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Proudspire Manor
Proudspire Manor
Proudspire Manor Map
Location Eastern side of Solitude next to Bards College
Location ID SolitudeProudspireManor

Proudspire Manor is the most expensive house available in Skyrim. It is located next to the Bards College and Vittoria Vici's House on the east side of Solitude. Though initially blighted by dust and cobwebs at first, renovating it will improve its appearance.

When walking towards the Blue Palace, there is a fire in a brazier on the left just before the Bards College. Proudspire Manor is the door before the brazier. It can also be accessed by going up the steps before that doorway; Vittoria Vici's house is the door to the left, while Proudspire Manor is the door on the right. The exterior of the manor has a fair amount of flowers that respawn in a few game weeks if picked.


This manor may be bought for 25,000 GoldIcon from Falk Firebeard after completing The Man Who Cried Wolf and Elisif's Tribute. The total cost (including decorations) is 39,000 GoldIcon, or 36,000GoldIcon if one lacks the Hearthfire add-on. Buying this house is one of the things that must be done before becoming a Thane of Haafingar. With the Hearthfire add-on, a children's room may be added for 3,000 GoldIcon. The doorway to it replaces the two shelves to the left of the master bedroom's entrance.

Advantages and disadvantagesEdit

Proudspire Manor is by far the most expensive home for sale. While it has both an alchemy table and an enchanting table, it offers fewer storage options than Hjerim. The lighting is better than Hjerim's, the children's roomHF, is by far the most luxurious, and it doesn't come at the cost of losing another room as is the case with most other purchasable homes. Solitude itself offers excellent amenities, however, including the widest selection of shopkeepers in the game, but it lacks a smelter for those with a focus in Smithing. Proudspire Manor is also the location of one of the Stones of Barenziah, making it very desirable to gain entrance to. Lastly, from the patio, the Dragonborn has an excellent view; arguably one of the best in all of Skyrim.


A selection of upgrades are available to buy from the Jarl's steward after the house has been purchased.

Room Cost Description
Bedroom 2,000GoldIcon

When this package is purchased, the master bedroom on the third floor of the house will be decorated with several furnishings and a larger, more luxurious bed. The master bedroom will also include a two slot weapon rack as well as both a chest and safe amongst other decorations. Also, a small dining area will be added just outside the bedroom door that includes a table, chairs, and other decorations. The safe in the room contains leveled loot, from jewelry all the way to Daedric armor and weapons.

Living Room 2,000GoldIcon This package adds a large table, chairs and a wide range of decor to the living area located centrally on the second floor of the house.
Alchemy Lab 2,500GoldIcon Fills out one of the ground floor rooms with implements and tools for an alchemy laboratory, including a fully-functional alchemist's crafting table, related decor and alchemy ingredients scattered around the room.
Enchanting Area 2,500GoldIcon Will stock one of the home's small ground-floor rooms with all of the furnshings for an enchanting laboratory, including an enchanter's crafting table. Also includes two mannequins on which to display apparel.
Kitchen 1,500GoldIcon Includes a hearth, kettle, and miscellaneous food and dishes.
Patio 500GoldIcon Places a small table, two chairs and other furnishings on the stone patio outside the back of the house.
Children's RoomHF 3,000GoldIcon Creates a new room with two children's beds with low chests at the foot of each and a round bedside table next to each, with a larger table with shelves between them. A third chest is near the entrance, a tall wardrobe, a washbasin, a picnic type table and a children's practice dummy are also included. A large mounted map of Skyrim is included among the decorations.

Item displaysEdit

  • 2 Weapon Plaques
  • 2 Shield Plaques
  • 2 Mannequins
  • 7 Weapon racks
  • 12 Bookshelves (holding a total of 132 books)

See Solitude Home Decorating Guide for more detailed descriptions.



  •  PC   360   PS3  The patio door can be opened with the Fletcher Key. This no longer works after patch 1.9.
  • The Fletcher Key can be pickpocketed from Fihada, the fletcher in Solitude.
    • The Fletcher Key can also be obtained by picking the lock to the fletcher's shop with the Wax Key perk.
  • Due to the presence of the Bards College in Solitude, adopted children living at Proudspire Manor may comment: "Do you think I could be a bard? I really like singing."
  • A balcony on the Bards College roof can be accessed using the barrels on the Proudspire Manor patio, however the patio has to have no upgrade bought for it. (See the Bards College page under Trivia for more info.)
  • The manor can be acquired for free. With the appropriate funds, speak to Falk Firebeard to purchase it. When he's mentioning the key, place all gold on hand in a cupboard. Retrieve it after getting the key.
  • The housecarl for this home is Jordis the Sword-Maiden.
  • The house lacks a cooking split


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