Proving Trust is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


A volcanic eruption and an infestation of shalks have devastated the town of Senie. The townsfolk are wounded, but distrust between Dark Elves and Argonians delay efforts to heal them.


Part 1Edit

  1. Collect Shalk Chitin (6)
  2. Talk to Soft-Scale
  3. Heal Peasants (6)
  4. Talk to Spellwright Girvas

Part 2Edit

  1. Talk to Walks-in-Ash
  2. Find Morvani
  3. Use Walks-in-Ash's signal
  4. See Morvani safely off the island
  5. Talk to Spellwright Girvas


The quest starts outside of town with Guraf. Collect the chitin by killing the Shalks in the area. Next follow the compass to Soft-Scale. Follow your compass to the wounded villagers. The spawn rate isn't bad for this quest so if you don't feeling like running around just camp a villager and reuse them. Talk to Girvas. He blames the Argonians for the death of his wife and he believes all these attempts at helping them is merely shadowing some nefarious hidden agenda. He accuses the Argonians of kidnapping his daughter Morvani. She can be found a short distance away at a shrine to the 3 divines injured and unable to leave the little island.

Once Morvani is found, an option to use a signal will appear. Found Walks-in-Ash and Spellwright Girvas will appear nearby.

Hop over the flow and talk to Spellwright Girvas to complete the quest.


  • 73–302 GoldIcon