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Psijic Robes
5 WeightIcon
Base Value:
100 GoldIcon
Type: Clothing
FormID: See List

Psijic Robes are an item of clothing worn by all the members of the Psijic Order.


It is only acquirable through console on PC version, however there are work-arounds for console users; one method is to use a hex editing tool, or to just simply load up a save on the PC from an Xbox 360 or PS3 and make the console command changes there, then transfer it back.

Item IDEdit

To get these items type: player.additem [item id] [value]

  • Robe: 00065B94
  • Hood: 00065B99
  • Gloves: 00065B9D
  • Boots: 00065B9B

These items are visible in your inventory with the player.additem command, unlike Nocturnal's Clothes and Greybeard's Robe which can only be viewed using the player.equipitem command and don't show in the inventory.


This section contains bugs related to Psijic Robes. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

  1. Confirm all bugs with other editors on the talk page before adding them below.
  2. Always try reloading an old save first, before asking for assistance.
  3. Do not discuss possible bug fixes or origins. Leave those and all other first-person-anecdotes on the talk page, not the article.
  4. Always add  360  ,  PS3  , and  PC   to clarify which system the bug appears on.
  •  360   When worn by a female Imperial vampire, the boots and gloves do not appear, much like the Blades Shield.



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