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Pulk is a cave located in the Grazelands region of Vvardenfell. The cave is located in a small hillside southwest of the Ashlander Zainab Camp, and directly north of Elanius Camp.


The cave is currently being used as a hideout by a group of bandits. Immediately upon entering the cave, several mushrooms are growing on the right side. The bandit, Hathei, attacks on sight. Further along, the tunnel opens into a two-level cave where Gam-Kur is standing guard on a raised wooden platform. This is the main storage area, with eight crates and three barrels on the platform. Beneath the platform is a storage area tucked up under the ledge with five more barrels. A small mushroom patch is growing here as well.

The tunnel continues a short way before opening up into a room with a deep pool of water. The Nord, Maering, guards this section of the cave, while a single slaughterfish guards two chests at the bottom of the water. The passage turns to the left here and continues to northeast. The tunnel ends at A Worn Cavern Door, which is trapped.

Opening the door reveals the final room of the cave, which has an Orc and Khajiit living here. Moghakh gro-Bagdub and S'Radirr attack on-sight. The cave has two hammock, a chest, a fire pit, a few other items.





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