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Purifying the Wyrd Tree is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. The Guardians wait inside the Wyrd Tree, ready to assist against the Corruption of the Tree. Once it is destroyed, the Wyrd Tree will be purified.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Enter the Wyrd Tree
  2. Save the Wyrd Tree
  3. Talk to Wyress Gwen
  4. Complete the quest


After cleansing the land around the tree, Wyress Gwen tells the Vestige it's not over. Corruption still festers at the Wyrd Tree's heart. She explains Angof's last wraith nests within the tree. It won't be easy to banish, but the Guardians will help.

Enter the Wyrd Tree, and inside are the three Guardians surrounding the Corruption of the Tree. The fight with the Corruption is hard, but when the Guardians light up, hurry behind them so they shield the Vestige when it attacks. Then turn to it and continue until the Corruption is destroyed.

Exit the Wyrd Tree and speak to Wyress Gwen. She shows happiness as they already can see the difference. The Wyrd Tree has been restored and she thanks them with giving away a Wyrd Branch and some GoldIcon.

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