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The Puzzle Canal is the southernmost canton in Vivec City and appears in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It consists of a system of canals below the Palace of Vivec. To the Tribunal Temple it is a sacred place, as the Shrine of Courtesy, one of the destinations of the Pilgrimages of the Seven Graces, can be found here. The Puzzle Canal owes his name to its impossible layout.


To the Tribunal Temple it is a place of worship and testing for questing heroes hoping to win Vivec's favour.[1] They believe that many treasures, guarded by Daedric servants, can be found here by those who dare to enter.[1] The Shrine of Courtesy, one of the destinations of the quest "Pilgrimages of the Seven Graces," can be found at the heart of the Puzzle Canal, guarded by a Daedric servant.


Vivec, Puzzle Canal, Center

Interior map of the center

From outside, the Puzzle Canal locks like a huge cascading water well. The openings from which the water pours down are the entrances to the canal. There are ten such openings, two on every of the five levels of the canal, facing north. The layout of every of this five levels is the same: There are two canals from north to south, linked with a tunnel in the middle.

The impossible feature of the Canal are the south exits from the levels, which are there although there are no entrances of the southern side of the canton. The south exits lead outside to the northern side of the canton, but not to the same level the Nerevarine has started with. The connections between levels through the south exits are as follows:

Level 5 - Level 2 - Level 4 - Level 1 - Level 3 - back to Level 5

At the tunnel linking the two canals on Level 3 lies the entrance to the center of the Puzzle Canal. The Shrine of Courtesy is located here.


Pilgrimages of the Seven GracesEdit

The Shrine of Courtesy is guarded by Krazzt and is one destination of this Tribunal Temple quest. It lies in the center of the Puzzle Canal.


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