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"I've found a new kind of comforting inner peace here away from the chaos of Cyrodiil. I'm tired of the battles and the politics."

Pyke quote

Pyke is a Redguard and a former Knight of the Thorn who now resides in the Shivering Isles in the small settlement of Hale.


Pyke used to lived in Cheydinhal as a member of the knightly order ran by the Count's son, Farwil Indarys. One day, he heard about the opening of the gate leading to the Isles and decided it was a threat to Cyrodiil and headed to the gate to face it. When he entered he began to explore and ended up being attacked by Grummite near Fetid Grove and Pyke's Medallion was stolen. After his attack, he ended up in Hale and fell in love with Zoe Malene. He grew to love the Isles and decided that leaving Zoe would make him "the loneliest man alive."


To Help A HeroEdit

When first meeting the Hero, Pyke will warmly greet them and ask if they might be kind enough to help him with a small crisis. He will explain that he wants to stay in Hale with Zoe, but would like to have his amulet back because it represents a large part of his old life. If they agree to help, he will mark the cave on their map and wish them luck.

Once the Hero returns, Pyke will be overjoyed to have his amulet back and be grateful for the trouble by rewarding the Thorn Shield.


  • It is impossible to inform any of the Knights of the Thorn about Pyke, or Pyke about the fate of most of the knights.
  • It is not clear how Pyke got past the Gatekeeper and into Mania.
  • Pyke is one of the few citizens of the Shivering Isles who is perfectly sane.


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