Pyromancers are mages proficient in fire-based magic. Pyromancers are usually male Dunmer. Pyromancers, like all humanoid mortals, have black souls.

Battle behaviorEdit

Pyromancers typically use Flame Cloak as soon as they spot a target, then cast Flames or Fireball at a distance. When they run out of magicka, they will switch to daggers and attack at close range. Many Pyromancers may also equip Staff of Fireballs at higher levels, using it if they run out of magicka. They will also use wards if attacked with magic or if a shout is used. When close to death, Pyromancers will flee and cast Close Wounds.



  • Novice Pyromancer
  • Apprentice Pyromancer
  • Adept Pyromancer
  • Master Pyromancer
  • Pyromancer
  • Arch Pyromancer

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