Quaranir is an Altmer sorcerer and a representative of the Psijic Order who appears several times during the College of Winterhold questline.


Quaranir wears Psijic Robes, which cannot be gained during the College of Winterhold questline. They can only be obtained through console commands.


Good IntentionsEdit

Good intentions

The confrontation between the mages.

After recovering books about the Eye of Magnus, the Dragonborn heads back to the College of Winterhold to inform Savos Aren of their discovery. Upon arriving, Ancano approaches, curious about a visitor from the Psijic Order, who is requesting the Dragonborn's presence. Heading to the Arch-Mage's Quarters to speak with them, the Dragonborn learns that it is Quaranir. Quaranir wants to speak with the Dragonborn privately, and magically veils their conversation from Savos and Ancano.

Time is fleeting, so he is quick to impart that the Order has had little success in contacting the Dragonborn previously and that this is probably because of the Eye of Magnus. According to Quaranir, the longer the Eye remains in the College, the more dangerous the situation becomes. They expect dire consequences if the Eye is not banished, but the future is obscure, and the Psijic Order is unsure of how the Dragonborn must act. Seeking out the Augur of Dunlain is the next logical step. Moments later, there is a flash of light, and time resumes as normal.

The Staff of MagnusEdit

Traversing Labyrinthian, the Last Dragonborn searches for the fabled Staff of Magnus, which is needed to control the Eye of Magnus. Morokei, a Dragon Priest, holds the staff and must be battled to obtain it. The battle is difficult and recommended for levels 20 and above.

The Eye of MagnusEdit

Defeated, Ancano releases his hold on the Eye of Magnus. Quaranir, Gelebros, and Tandil appear to transport the Eye out of the College, possibly to Artaeum, for safe keeping. Quaranir states that the player is now the new Arch-Mage, and then he and the other members of the Psijic Order disappear after this.


You're up to something!Edit

Ancano "Well, what is the meaning of this?"
Quaranir "I'm sorry, I'm afraid I don't understand."
Ancano "Don't play coy. You asked to see a specific member of the College. Here he/she is. Now what is it that you want?"
Quaranir "There's been a misunderstanding. Clearly I should not be here. I shall simply take my leave."
Ancano "[angry] What? What trickery is this? You're not going anywhere until I find out what you're up to."
Quaranir "I'm not 'up to' anything. I apologize if I have offended you in any way."
Ancano "[seething] We shall see about this..."


  • Quaranir can also be found after meeting with the Dragonborn at the College. He resides at The Frozen Hearth, though he does not engage in conversation and cannot be pickpocketed. Upon a pickpocket attempt, he acts as if dialogue was initiated and speaks his lines.
  • Quaranir is not detectable by the Alteration spells Detect Life, Detect Dead, or the dragon shout Aura Whisper.
  • Quaranir is not affected by any attacks, including shouts and the kill console command.
  • During the time that Quaranir freezes time to talk to the Dragonborn, he will not do anything if one steals, making this time a great time to get alchemy ingredients and a few potions.
  • Quaranir's dialogue during "Good Intentions" suggests that he has come to the College of his own volition, without the assent from his superiors.


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