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"You aren't a slik-arsed Sea Viper or a cabbage-mouthed castaway. State your business with the crew of the Prowler."
―Quartermaster Oblan during "Cast Adrift"[src]

Quartermaster Oblan is the quartermaster of The Prowler, a Khajiit privateer ship that is shipwrecked in the Shattered Shoals.


Cast AdriftEdit

The Vestige is asked by Sergeant Firion to warn the crew of The Prowler that the area is not safe.

A Little on the SideEdit


  • "The hurricane killed hundreds of marines. Why does it matter if one of them died in a cave?"
  • "Barnacles on the arse. They're all Sea Elves - "Maormer," they call themselves. Nothing more than pirates, if you ask me." -When asked about Sea Vipers


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