"You aren't a slik-arsed Sea Viper or a cabbage-mouthed castaway. State your business with the crew of the Prowler."
―Quartermaster Oblan[src]

Quartermaster Oblan is Khajiit and a member of The Prowler's crew, a privateer ship beached in the Shattered Shoals.


Cast AdriftEdit

The Vestige is asked by Sergeant Firion to warn the crew of The Prowler that the area is not safe.

A Little on the SideEdit


  • "The hurricane killed hundreds of marines. Why does it matter if one of them died in a cave?"
  • "Barnacles on the arse. They're all Sea Elves - "Maormer," they call themselves. Nothing more than pirates, if you ask me." -When asked about Sea Vipers