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Queen Bianki was a Redguard Queen of Gilane. She was also Cephorus Septim's bride.

First records of Queen Bianki date 3E 98. She is mentioned in the The Wolf Queen, Book III. By that time she was already the Queen of Gilane and the bride of then 21-year-old Cephorus. She was visiting the Imperial Palace after the death of Emperor Pelagius Septim.[1]

Bianki's second appearance dates 3E 109. She is mentioned in the The Wolf Queen, Book IV. She already had several healthy children with Cephorus, though the exact number of children is unknown.[2]

In 3E 127, after Emperor Uriel's death, Cephorus took his place and Bianki became Empress.

According to the The Wolf Queen, Book VIII, Bianki died in 3E 136. The cause of her death remains unknown. It is also mentioned that all of Bianki's children had died during the War of the Red Diamond. Cephorus remains the Emperor until 3E 140, when he dies after falling off a horse.[3]


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