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For other uses, see Quest Items.

Quest items are items that are related to a quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn. They cannot be removed from the inventory, until they are used in their relevant quest, although some exceptions exist. All quest items are weightless, despite their listed weight.

Attributes by itemEdit

Name WeightIcon GoldIcon Locations Quests Item ID
Ancient Nordic Pickaxe 10 500 Raven Rock Mine Retrieve the Ancient Nordic Pickaxe xx0206f2
Amethyst Claw, Left Half 0.5 200 Vahlok's Tomb Lost Legacy xx01cac0
Amethyst Claw, Right Half 0.5 200 Vahlok's Tomb Lost Legacy xx01cac0
Ash Extractor 0.5 1 Tel Mithryn Telvanni Research xx01cdf4
Ash Spawn Sample 1 100 Ash Spawn Telvanni Research xx01b65c
Azra's Staff of <random enchantment> 8 Radiant location Azra's Staffs N/A
Bera's Necklace 0.5 580 Morwen in Skaal Village Morwen's Request xx02c8ad
Control Cube 0.5 50 Nchardak The Path of Knowledge xx0173bb
Deathbrand Treasure Map 0 500 Haknir's Shoal Deathbrand xx0247f9
Kagrumez Resonance Gem 0.2 500 Several locations The Kagrumez Trials xx02145a
Karstaag's Skull 3 25 Glacial Cave Summoning Karstaag xx0247f9
Lusty Argonian Maid Folio 1 25 Wreck of the Strident Squall Retrieve Cindiri's Folio xx02bac7
Neloth's Ring of Tracking 0.3 100 Tel Mithryn Old Friends xx01961c
On Apocrypha: Boneless Limbs 1 100 Apocrypha At the Summit of Apocrypha xx03a35f
On Apocrypha: Delving Pincers 1 100 Apocrypha At the Summit of Apocrypha xx03a360
On Apocrypha: Gnashing Blades 1 100 Apocrypha At the Summit of Apocrypha xx03a361
On Apocrypha: Prying Orbs 1 100 Apocrypha At the Summit of Apocrypha xx03a362
Soaked Taproot 2 1 Created at Headwaters of Harstrad Healing a House xx01aad6
Stalhrim Source Map 0 0 Ancarion in Northshore Landing A New Source of Stalhrim xx01caf2
Wind and Sand 1 100 Radiant location Wind and Sand xx01d8d0

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