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The following is a list of Quest Items that appear in The Elder Scrolls Online, along with the quest in which they appear.

Main questlineEdit

Name Quest Description Image
Orb of Discourse Chasing Shadows A stranged, grooved sphere capable of contacting members of the Worm Cult. Orb of Discource

Aldmeri DominionEdit

Khenarthi's RoostEdit




Name Quest Description Image
Scroll of Sigilic Annihilation Moonhenge's Tear
Key of Strife Moonhenge's Tear Key of Strife
Key of Discord Moonhenge's Tear
Speckled Stinkhorn Cap The Unfinished Order
Radish The Unfinished Order
Blanched Russula Cap The Unfinished Order

Malabal TorEdit

Reaper's MarchEdit

Daggerfall CovenantEdit



Name Quest Description Image
Ceremonial Gem Can't Take it With Them The gem feels unusually heavy for its size. Key of Strife
Shalk Gland Season of Harvest Disconcertingly squishy, potentially flammable. Shalk Gland
Gem of Westtry's Torment Memento Mori This dark artifact swirls with the souls of Westtry's innocents. GreenGem (Online)
Hircine's Amulet Wolves in the Fold Imbued with the Call of Hircine, this amulet reveals the true nature of were-creatures. Hircine's Amulet
Sibellec's Charm Wyrd and Coven Sibellec provided this charm that stores the power of the bog hags. Sibellec's Charm
The Midnight Talisman Mastering the Talisman This ancient Daedric relic is made of rich ebony and encrusted with depleted Soul Gems. The Midnight Talisman
Sacred Candle Forgotten Ancestry A candle used to honor and remember the dead. Sacred Candle
Malik's Sacred Emblem The Corpse Horde This emblem uses the blessings of the Eight to consecrate the dead. Malik's Sacred Emblem
Resistance Fighter's Signal Crosswych Reclaimed Choose a Red Rook bandit, then use this signal to call for help. Resistance Fighter's Signal
Black Iron Sword Cursed Treasure This ancient iron blade appears brittle and battle-scarred. Black-IronSword
The Green Aegis Cursed Treasure This ancient shield bears an inscription identifying its owner as the "Emerald Princess". The Green Aegis
Engraved Trophy Tusk Cursed Treasure Engraved images of knights and kings at war decorate this heavy, curved tusk. Engraved Trophy Tusk
Cracked Golden Crown Cursed Treasure A prominent crack mars this ornate golden crown. Cracked Golden Crown
Red Rook Note Red Rook Resources Quest ItemNote
Bloodthorn Note Fortune in Failure This note contains a message and recipes for a variety of treatments for injuries from Angof's forces. Quest ItemNote
Bottle of Masking Salve The White Mask of Merien This small bottle smells of cherries. Bottle of Masking Salve
Glass Gems The White Mask of Merien These gems appear to be made of glass, cut into standard gemstone shapes. Glass Gems
Ritual Candle The White Mask of Merien This candle has a wide wick, made for creating smoke. Sacred Candle
Urn of Shrouding Ashes The White Mask of Merien The urn has an engraving of a wraith along one side. Urn of Shrouding Ashes
Key of Crowns The Jeweled Crown of Anton This "key" has a series of grooves in its base designed to attach it to something. GreenGem (Online)
Key of Blades The Jeweled Crown of Anton This "key" has a series of grooves in its base designed to attach it to something. Glass Gems
Key of Strife The Jeweled Crown of Anton This "key" has a series of grooves in its base designed to attach it to something. Key of Strife
Key of Flames The Jeweled Crown of Anton This "key" has a series of grooves in its base designed to attach it to something. OnlineKey Red
The Cursed Crown of Anton The Jeweled Crown of Anton Jewels adorn this heavy crown that hums with magical power. Cracked Golden Crown
Bloodthorn Amulet Mists of Corruption The etched symbols of the Bloodthorn cult adorns this blood-red amulet. Bloodthorn Amulet
Steel Bracelet Dead Man's Wrist This bracelet bears a sigil of crossed swords. It may have sentimental value. Ring (Online)
Crumbled Letter Dead Man's Wrist A crumbled letter from Siraj to his sister, Terina. LetterIcon
Chest Key A Mysterious Curio This key is heavy and rusted. Quest Key
Sword Moment of Truth This Sword has seen a lot oif use, but remains a well-crafted blade. Quest Sword
Gabrielle's Binding Stone The Labyrinth This jagged stone is worn around the edges. Gabrielle's Binding Stone
Shard of The Cunning Angof the Gravesinger This is a jagged shard of glass-like crystal.
Shard of The Lurcher Angof the Gravesinger This is a jagged shard of glass-like crystal. Shard of The Lurcher
Shard of The Lost Angof the Gravesinger This is a jagged shard of glass-like crystal. Shard of The Lost
Rune of Release Angof the Gravesinger "Release from slumber! Eternal darkness, come forth!". Rune of Release


The Tava's Bounty Ledger False Accusations This ledger details the cargo list carried on Tava's Bounty for delivery at Koeglin Village. The Tava's Bounty Ledger
Rune of Release False Accusations A skull etched with strange glowing symbols. Daedric Symbol
Lighthouse Attack Plans Lighthouse Attack Plans These diagrams show meticulous plans for an attack on the Koeglin Lighthouse. Quest ItemNote
Ma'jhad Kha's Key Divert and Deliver This key has the symbol of the Ebonheart Slavers crudely carved into its side. Quest Key
Dremora Head Can't Leave Without Her This Dremora's head smells of decay. Dremora Head
Scamp Heart The Slumbering Farmer This tiny heart was harvested from a scamp who died a violent death. It's still in pristine condition. Scamp HeartIcon
Ma'jhad Kha's Key The Slumbering Farmer This ordinary candle has many uses, but it would be perfect for a somber ritual. Sacred Candle
Dremora Heart The Slumbering Farmer This dark heart was harvested from the sinful corpse of a sentient Daedra. Dremora HeartIcon
Nurin House Key A Family Affair This house key is covered in blood and scamp spit. Quest Key
Sir Edain's Sword Legacy of the Three This sword still possesses latent power, but is far too damaged to be of practical use. Sir Edain's Sword
Lighthouse Focusing Crystal Repair Koeglin Lighthouse This crystal was designed to focus light. Lighthouse Focusing Crystal
Lighthouse Combustion Oil Repair Koeglin Lighthouse Lighthouse Combustion Oil
Puffball Caps A Ransom for Miranda This ingredient can be used to create a potion. Puffball Caps
Large Sapphire A Ransom for Miranda This jewel is valuable enough to pay for Miranda Arcole's ransom. Blue Jewel
Large Ruby A Ransom for Miranda This valuable jewel might be used to free Miranda Arcole Dwarven Crystal
Dreugh Egg The Dreugh Threat This dreugh egg was found in the Dreughside district Dreugh Egg

Ebonheart PactEdit






The RiftEdit

Fighters Guild questsEdit

Dwarven Crystal The Dangerous Past A red Dwarven Crystal. Dwarven Crystal
Ayleid Tome The Dangerous Past This is an arcane tome of ancient origin. Apparently, it details a powerful weapon usable against Molag Bal. Ayleid Tome
Prismatic Crystal The Dangerous Past This gem contains the soul of a Meridian priestess. Key of Strife

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