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The following are the quests (or chapters) that appear in The Elder Scrolls: Legends.

Main questEdit

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Dark BrotherhoodEdit

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Daily questsEdit


Campaign quests
Image Name Questgiver Objective Reward Starting dialogue Finishing dialogue
Tyr (quest) A Hero's Journey Tyr Complete Act 2 40 GoldIcon This has become a bigger journey than I thought. Help me save my friend and I will make it worth your while. You've done more than I could have asked, bringing me here. You've more than earned this reward – and my friendship.
Emperor quest (Legends) Free the Imperial City Emperor Complete Act 3 40 GoldIcon You've done well to bring me this information. Help me stop this plot and reclaim my city, and you will find me a grateful ruler. The people may never know your name, but you have proven yourself a true hero. Here is a small token of my gratitude.

Companions GuildEdit

Companions Guild quest banner Companions Guild quests
Image Name Questgiver Objective Reward Starting dialogue Finishing dialogue
[?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?]

Fighters GuildEdit

Fighters Guild quest banner Fighters Guild quests
Image Name Questgiver Objective Reward Starting dialogue Finishing dialogue
Valnia Ocinus avatar (Legends) Associate Bonus Quest Valnia Ocinus Attack your opponent 20 times. 40 GoldIcon So you're the recruit Rogthun's been raving about. If you're as good as he says, I've got a job for you. Well, well. Looks like the Orc was right for once. Congratulations, Associate.
Rogthun Blood in the Hills Rogthun Attack and destroy 15 Creatures 40 GoldIcon Looking to join the Fighter's Guild? We've had reports bandits in the hills. Drive 'em off, and you're in. That was quite the show. I'll let the guild know you can handle yourself.
Rogthun Crashing the Gates Rogthun Summon 10 Breakthrough creatures. 50 GoldIcon Got a contract to take out a bandit stronghold. We're gonna need some help bashing through the gate. We're in! Don't worry, my hammer and I can take it from here. Here's your gold.
Rogthun Friendly Competition Rogthun Win 3 games: Icon legends endurance 40 GoldIcon We're having a wrestling tournament. Think you're tough enough to go toe-to-toe with me? Ugh. Everything hurts. I demand a rematch someday. For now, here are your winnings.
Valnia Ocinus avatar (Legends) Race Against Time Valnia Summon 15 Charge creatures. 60 GoldIcon Just got word that bandits plan to attack a merchant caravan. They've already left, so you'll need to be fast. Fast and deadly. Just what we need in a recruit.
Valnia Ocinus avatar (Legends) Stopping the Fire Valnia Gain 40 health 60 GoldIcon There's a rogue Flame Atronach on the loose. You'll need to be able to heal yourself to withstand its flames. I was going to say I hope you didn't get too badly burned, but you look healthier than I do! Well done.
Rogthun Weapon Training Rogthun Equip 10 Items 40 GoldIcon All right, recruit. Before I give you a real job, let's see how well you handle a blade. I'm impressed! I'll keep you in mind the next time we get a tough contract.
[?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?]

Mages GuildEdit

Mages Guild quest banner Mages Guild quests
Image Name Questgiver Objective Reward Starting dialogue Finishing dialogue
Taviah Al-Thir avatar (Legends) A Stolen Voice Taviah Silence 8 creatures. 40 GoldIcon A warlock stole Kianra's voice and put it into his minions. I prefer her this way, but if you want to help... Kianra Elsinor (Legends) Kianra: Thank you thank you thank you! I'm going to spend all day singing to celebrate having my voice back. La la la...
Kianra Elsinor (Legends) A Test of Magic Kianra Elsinor Play 10 Actions 40 GoldIcon Hi! I'm head librarian of the Mages Guild. We're always looking for talented mages. Show us your stuff! Well done! You're exactly the mage we've been looking for! Welcome to the guild!
Taviah Al-Thir avatar (Legends) Associate Bonus Quest Taviah Al-Thir Play 3 Prophecy cards when a rune is destroyed. 40 GoldIcon Ah, a new associate. I'm Taviah, the guild's conjuration expert. Let's see if you can pass my test. Hmm. You have more promise than the last associate. At this rate, you may even survive to make Evoker.
Kianra Elsinor (Legends) It is Written Kianra Play 4 cards as prophecies. 40 GoldIcon One of these books holds prophecies from the Elder Scrolls – I'm just not sure which. Can you help? Now we know some of these are true! Only... now that they've happened, they're not prophecies anymore, are they?
Kianra Elsinor (Legends) Secrets of Magicka Kianra Boost your max magicka 6 times 50 GoldIcon Magicka is a mage's best friend, my mother always said. I have a book on the subject if you're interested. You picked that up fast! Learning is earning, my mother always said. My mother was a bit strange.
Kianra Elsinor (Legends) Some Loud Pests Kianra Silence 12 creatures. 50 GoldIcon Harpies have been terrifying ships in the harbor! If we take their voices, they should be easier to handle. You did it! You didn't have to kill too many of them did you? The poor things can't help being horrible.
Kianra Elsinor (Legends) The Guarded Tome Kianra Destroy 10 enemy creatures with actions. 50 GoldIcon I've located a rare tome in a cave that may possibly be full of monsters. You know some destruction magic, right? You found the tome! And it's still in good condition! Apart from the blood anyway. Thanks so much!
[?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?]

Thieves GuildEdit

Thieves Guild quest banner Thieves Guild quests
Image Name Questgiver Objective Reward Starting dialogue Finishing dialogue
Bor the Beggar Finding the Guild Bor the Beggar Summon 15 creatures to the Shadow lane 40 GoldIcon Thieves Guild? Doesn't exist, friend. But if it did, you'd find its members in the darkest alley in the city. You found us. I guess you might have what it takes. Consider yourself a part of the guild, friend.
Bor the Beggar For the Taking Bor Win 3 Versus Arena games. 60 GoldIcon I hear the competition in the arena is soft this week. Why don't you go take out a few suckers? That looked harder than I expected. But you made some good coin, right?
Lywen Nighthollow avatar (Legends) Gaining Leverage Lywen Pilfer 6 times. 40 GoldIcon There's a noble whose been promising to clean up the town. See if you can find some leverage that can shut her up. Found some dirt on that sanctimonious noble, did you? Good. We'll let her know what it'll cost her to cross us.
Brynjolf avatar (Legends) Guild Recruiting Brynjolf Summon 15 Agility Creatures 40 GoldIcon Time for my favorite part of the job: Recruiting new thieves. Think you can find some prospects? These will do well! Some of them will fail, and some will get caught, but the Guild will grow and prosper.
Bor the Beggar Nowhere to Run Bor Win 3 games: Icon legends intelligence Icon legends agility 50 GoldIcon Stay at this long enough, and eventually you'll get caught. We need to know you can fight off the law. Looks like you can fight need be. Just remember, if you do ever get captured, never talk about the Guild. Never.
Lywen Nighthollow avatar (Legends) Pickpocket Bonus Quest Lywen Nighthollow Draw 10 extra cards. 50 GoldIcon I've got a job for somone [sic] [Do not change this to someone. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.] with sticky fingers, and Bor says you can be trusted. Want in? [?]
Bor the Beggar Plan for the Worst Bor Use 10 Last Gasp abilities. 50 GoldIcon Good thieves always have a contingency plan. So to test yours, I've told the guards where you're hiding. Good luck! You escaped! Hey, no hard feelings, right? Here, these coins should smooth things over.
Bor the Beggar Word on the Street Bor Summon 20 creatures that cost 3 or less. 40 GoldIcon We're looking to expand our web of informants. Go find us people who will trade news for coin. The new informers you found are working out well. We almost have more contracts than we can keep up with.
[?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?]

College of WinterholdEdit

College of Winterhold quest banner College of Winterhold quests
Image Name Questgiver Objective Reward Starting dialogue Finishing dialogue
Tolfdir avatar (Legends) Of Scales and Claws Tolfdir Summon 10 Dragons 50 GoldIcon I have a powerful spell to teach you, but first you must bring me the scales of a dragon. Are you up to it? Yes, these will do nicely. Now our work can truly begin.
Phinis avatar (Legends) The Master Class Phinis Use 20 Summon abilities 60 GoldIcon I'm hosting a master class today on the energies unleashed during complex summonings. Interested? I've never seen such adept work. Perhaps you should be the one teaching this class!
Faralda avatar (Legends) Welcome to Winterhold Faralda Summon 15 Intelligence creatures 40 GoldIcon This institution thrives on new students. Certainly you've met suitable young mages in your travels? [?]
[?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?] [?]


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