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Quills are miscellaneous items found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


These objects are writing implements made from bird feathers often found near inkwells and pages of parchment on desks and tables throughout the game. However, they have no known use and lack value.


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  • Where can i find a Quill

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    • AzuraKnight wrote:There usually on desks... I'm pretty sure theres one in Alftand where the Falmer have all the victims items laid out on a tab...
    • With SkyR active, the Dragonborn found three in White River Watch. They also show up in Castle Volkihar and in the inventory of general go...
  • Where to find a Quill

    2 messages
    • How do i find one
    • On tables along with ink wells. There are some in towns and i think mages usually have some around look in Necromancers lairs maybe (list her...

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