The Quill of Gemination is an item used in the Thieves Guild quest "The Pursuit." It belongs to Maven Black-Briar and was lost by Mercer Frey's guard Vald.


The Quill is in Vald's Strongbox, which has a leveled lock and is located in a sunken rowboat slightly north of the halfway point between the large boat at Riften Fishery and the boat docked at Goldenglow Estate.



  • The quill has the ability to replicate any writing that the user is viewing; however, it is completely useless without a specific kind of ink.
  • It is not usable by the Dragonborn.
  • Even if the Dragonborn kills Vald, they can still do this quest.
  • The sunken boat will not appear in the water unless the quest has been started.
  • When returned to Maven, she puns in response, saying she wrote it off years ago.


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