Ra'Gruzgob is an Orsimer Warlock who resides in Ald Daedroth, Antechamber in the Azura's Coast region of Morrowind. He believes that he is actually a Khajiit, meowing and asking for opinions on his "tail."


Sheogorath of the House of TroublesEdit

Giving Ra'Gruzgob Moon Sugar will result in him telling the Nerevarine the location of Gambolpuddy.


Greeting "Meow."

Background "I'm Ra'Gruzgob, the Khajiit."

Khajiit: "That's right. Ra'Gruzgob the Khajiit. How do you like my tail?

"Uh..." "What? You never seen a Khajiit before?"
"Looks fine" "Hey, Ra'Gruzgob likes you."
"Looks fine" (high disposition) "Hey, Ra'Gruzgob likes you. Maybe Ra'Gruzgob tells you a little secret."

little secret "No moon sugar, no secrets."

little secret (if they carry some Moon Sugar) "Got any moon sugar for your pal Ra'Gruzgob?"

"No, nevermind" "No moon sugar? No moon sugar for poor Ra'Gruzgob? Damn fleas..."
"Yes, here it is" "Ra'Gruzgob knows something you'd like. Ra'Gruzgob put it under his pillow. For the sugar-fairy."
little secret "You find Ra'Gruzgob's little secret? Ra'Gruzgob knows you like it."
Meow "You like Ra'Gruzgob? Ra'Gruzgob likes you."

Meow: "Meow"

my trade "Are you blind? Ra'Gruzgob's a Khajiit."

Orc "Orc? Ra'Gruzgob is no Orc!"

Ra'Gruzgob "Ra'Gruzgob wants some MORE MOON SUGAR HERE!" OR "Hey, Lustidrike! Ra'Gruzgob wants some MORE MOON SUGAR HERE!" OR "I said, "Ra'Gruzgob wants some MORE MOON SUGAR HERE!"" OR "Why you look at Ra'Gruzgob that way?" OR "Fifty drakes, same as in town."