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Ra'Zhid is a Khajiit smuggler in Hla Oad. He can be found at Fatleg's Drop Off, where he operates a cover operation for his stolen Dwemer artifacts.


After being asked by Sugar-Lips Habasi to retrieve some Dwemer artifacts on behalf of the Thieves Guild, the Nerevarine traveled to Hla Oad. Ra'Zhid refused to speak of his black-market dealings and was eventually taunted into attacking, which allowed the Nerevarine to legally acquire Ra'Zhid's key and retrieve the artifacts from a locked chest near the door.


This character uses or carries the following:


This character uses the following:


Thieves GuildEdit

Ra'Zhid's Dwemer Artifacts – Recover Dwemer artifacts from Ra'Zhid and deliver them to the Thieves Guild.



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