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"You don't have the daggers yet? Time is growing short. Do whatever you must to get them!"

Ra'kheran (Shivering Isles) quote

Ra'kheran is a Khajiit Apostle living in The Howling Halls. He is unhappy with his spiritual leader, Ciirta, and is seeking a way to remove her and take her place as leader.


Symbols of OfficeEdit

He will confront the Hero if they are sneaking around the Howling Halls, telling them that he is a friend, and will hand them a set of Apostle Robes if they are not wearing any. He will explain that he and some of his brothers are tired of Ciirta's vendetta against Sheogorath, and wish to replace her and lead the Apostles down a new road.

He will ask the Hero to find a set of three apostle daggers for him and his like-minded brothers so they can kill her.


  • Even if Ciirta is killed and Ra'kheran survives, a common Zealot will take his place after the main quest.