"It is just Ra'qanar, the poor porter. Do you wish to beat me? Punish me? Of course. Ra'qanar deserves your scorn... but pity this one, please."

Ra'qanar quote

Ra'qanar is a Khajiit who resides in Castle Cheydinhal and can be found in his room, straight up the first flight of stairs and to the left, just before the throne room.


He has a rather pathetic countenance as one who has been wrongly beaten by guards perhaps, he asks the Hero if they have come to beat or scold him and to take pity on him. When speaking to him, he may use the line, "Ra'qanar knows nothing, less even."


Ra'qanar is a Journeyman level Hand to Hand trainer. He is also a member of the Thieves Guild and a servant at Castle Cheydinhal.