Ra Gada Orsimer Redguard Comic

The Ra Gada conquest of Hammerfell seen in the Redguard comic book.

For the faction in Online, see Ra Gada (Malabal Tor).

The Ra Gada were a warrior fleet of Yokudans from the continent of Yokuda prior to its destruction.

They were known to have had a war with the Lefthanded Elves, in which they were the victors. In 1E 808, they arrived in the western region of Tamriel known as Volenfell, and soon conquered the land from the Orsimer and renamed it to Hammerfell.[1][2] They also defeated the Nedes when their ships first crashed in Tamriel and battled Giant Goblins for territory.[3] They later became known as the Redguards.


  • The term Ra Gada means "warrior wave."


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