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Rabbit (Hare)
Basic Info
Level 1
Health-icon 5
Stamina 25
DamageIcon 2
Soul Size Petty
Base ID 0006DC9D

Rabbits are common, passive animals seen in landscapes from forests to open tundra. Rabbits flee at the sight of any humanoid or predator but can be sneaked up on or be killed with a ranged attack. They're often seen being hunted by wolves and foxes. Hunters do not follow rabbits, but if they happen to come across each other, the hunter will attempt to kill it.


With Hearthfire installed, an adopted child may show up with a rabbit named Cotton, asking to keep it. If permitted, it will not run away from the Dragonborn, and may be seen near the bed of the child who asked to keep it, near an adopted child, or wandering around in the house.


Multiple rabbits can be found inside Shadowgreen Cavern.



  • Using the Wabbajack upon a humanoid has a slight chance of transforming them into a rabbit.
  • Making a rabbit hostile through the use of Fury or Frenzy reveals that rabbits seem to have no form of attack. They will simply follow the Dragonborn in a vain attempt at killing them. Any other non-passive character that sees the rabbit will attempt to kill it despite its inability to attack, as the rabbit is still flagged as hostile. This also works on goats and other animals.
  • Using Unrelenting Force on a rabbit will kill it instantly.
  • Checking "Combat" in the Character Menu displays a "Bunnies Slaughtered" statistic.
  • A werewolf with the perk Savage Feeding can feed on dead rabbits in the open but not from those hanging from game racks.


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