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Race may refer to the following races by game:

Race may refer to the following races by etymology:

Race may refer to the ten races of Tamriel:

Race may refer to the other races on Nirn:

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  • What is the difference of a nord and atmoran?

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    • Also Atmorans are a progenitor race, they are ancestors of all Men races except maybe Redguards. They colonized Tamriel something like 4000 ye...
    • The different races of men, Nords among them, are the descendants of the Atmorans. Just like how the Bosmer and Altmer are descendants of the Aldmer.
  • One new PLAYABLE race that you want in the TES6

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    • Vincentius1 wrote:In my opinion, the most likely race to be added would be the Imga. They could be added in some sort of Falinesti DLC since t...
    • Maormer. Just because they had a failed attack on Summerset Isles in the late Third Era doesn't mean the whole race died along with the fle...

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