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Race may refer to one of the following races by game:

Race may refer to one of the following races by Etymology:

Race may refer to one of the ten races of Tamriel:

Race may refer to one of the other races on Nirn:

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  • One new PLAYABLE race that you want in the TES6

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    • Maormer and Snow Elfs would be the most interesting honestly. Their history and differences to their relatives are quite different. Maormer co...
    • I agree with adding Maormer, as there are so many of them and Pyandonea pretty close to Tamriel anyways. And it definitely wouldn't be lore-breaking.
  • Black Marsh and the Lilmothiit

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    • That's possible. It would be interesting, to have a race with a mating season or rut in TES. I think privacy plays a part in their cultu...
    • Nobody seems to know where this race has dissapeared to, so that could allow the writers of the lore to reenter them into it. For example, ...

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