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For other uses, see Race.

There are 8 playable races in The Elder Scrolls: Arena.


Main article: Nord (Arena)
Nord (Arena)

The default Nord in Arena.

Nords hail from the province of Skyrim. They are a tall and fair-skinned people who are strong, willful, and hardy. It is rumored that growing in their arctic environment has inured them to its effects, for they seem to shrug off all but the coldest of attacks. Nords take half damage from Cold based attacks, and on a successful saving throw take no damage. They are excellent in all arts concerning the blade and shield.


Main article: Khajiit (Arena)
Khajiit (Arena)

A default Khajiit in Arena.

Khajiit hail from the province of Elsweyr. They are a fair skinned people who are extremely hardy, intelligent, and agile. Legend has it that they descended from an intelligent feline race, for they still retain a strange cast to their features. Many Khajiit have taken to painting their faces to more resemble their distant cousins, the predatory cats that hunt the great desert. Khajiit are expert climbers, able to scale chasm wall sides with speed unmatched by any other race.


Main article: Redguard (Arena)

A default Redguard in Arena.

Redguards hail from the province of Hammerfell. They are a stocky, powerful race that are known to be extremely hardy and quick. Legend has it that the Redguard are innately more proficient at weapons than any other race. Redguards receive their (level / 3) as a bonus to hit and damage with any melee weapon. They are excellent in all arts concerning the blade and shield.


Main article: Breton (Arena)
Breton (Arena)

The default Breton in Arena.

Bretons hail from the province of High Rock. They are a tall, dark-haired people. Bretons are a highly intelligent and willful people, and have an outgoing personality. It is said that Bretons are weaned on magic, for it seems to suffuse their very being. As a result Bretons take half damage from any Magic based attacks, and no damage on a successful save. They are excellent in all the arcane arts, moreso than any other human race.


Main article: Argonian (Arena)
Argonian (Arena)

The default Argonian in Arena.

Argonians hail from the province of Black Marsh. They are a highly evolved race of reptilians, at home in any marsh-like environment from which they hail. They are known for their intelligence, agility, and speed. Because of their reptilian nature, Argonians do not tire easily while swimming, and seldom drown. They can also swim faster than any other race. They are adept at any art involving the arcane, or involving thievery and sleight of hand.

Wood ElvesEdit

Main article: Bosmer (Arena)
Wood Elf (Arena)

The default Wood Elf in Arena.

Bosmer hail from the province of Valenwood. They are a people of the forests, matching their features to all that is found growing in the green woods of their homeland. They are known to be extremely agile and quick. Bosmer receive their (level / 3) as a bonus to hit and damage with any bow weapon. They are well suited towards any class, although their nimbleness serves them best in any art involving thievery.

High ElvesEdit

Main article: Altmer (Arena)
High Elf (Arena)

The default High Elf in Arena.

The Altmer or High Elves hail from the island province of Summerset. They are a tall, golden-skinned people with almond shaped eyes. High Elves are extremely intelligent, agile, and willful. High Elves seem drawn to magic as a moth is to flame. They have a natural affinity to its use, and often make quite formidable wizards. High Elves are naturally immune to paralysis. They are adept at any art involving the arcane.

Dark ElvesEdit

Main article: Dunmer (Arena)
Dark Elf (Arena)

The default Dark Elf in Arena.

The Dunmer or Dark Elves hail from the province of Morrowind. They are a tall, dark-skinned people with red, glowing eyes. They are known to be extremely strong and intelligent, and very quick. Dark Elves seem innately attuned to weaving magic with weapons. Dark Elves receive their (level / 4) as a bonus to hit and damage with any melee or ranged weapon. They are adept in any art involving the blade and shield combined with the arcane arts.

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