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Racial Motifs, also known as Crafting Motifs or Crown Motifs, is a series of books in The Elder Scrolls Online that serve to teach the Vestige different crafting styles.


# Style Author Released
1 The High Elves Doctor Alfidia Lupus Yes
2 The Dark Elves Doctor Alfidia Lupus Yes
3 The Wood Elves Doctor Alfidia Lupus Yes
4 The Nords Doctor Alfidia Lupus Yes
5 The Bretons Doctor Alfidia Lupus Yes
6 The Redguards Doctor Alfidia Lupus Yes
7 The Khajiit Doctor Alfidia Lupus Yes
8 The Orcs Doctor Alfidia Lupus Yes
9 The Argonians Doctor Alfidia Lupus Yes
10 Imperial Cyrods Doctor Alfidia Lupus Yes
11 Ancient Elves Seif-ij Hidja Yes
12 The Barbaric Seif-ij Hidja Yes
13 The Primal Seif-ij Hidja Yes
14 The Daedric Seif-ij Hidja Yes
15 Dwemer Raynor Vanos Yes
16 Glass Vandalion Brightsteel Yes
17 XivkynIC Denogorath the Dread Archivist Yes
18 Akaviri Holgunn One-Eye Yes
19 Mercenary Gaspard Esmery Yes
20 Yokudan Unknown Yes
21 Ancient OrcOR Curator Umutha Yes
22 TrinimacOR Venerable Uugus Yes
23 MalacathOR Forge-Wife Gurzbog gra-Gulog Yes
24 OutlawTG Red Asp Yes
25 Aldmeri Dominion Aicantar of Shimmerene Yes
26 Daggerfall Covenant General Baryctor Stelanie Yes
27 Ebonheart Pact Holgunn One-Eye Yes
28 Ra Gada Lady Cinnabar of Taneth No
29 Soul-Shriven Sir Cadwell Yes
30 Morag Tong Naryu Virian No
31 Skinchanger Uraccanach the Witchman No
32 Abah's WatchTG Merchant Lord Orahan at-Addin Yes
33 Thieves GuildTG Kari Coin-Counter Yes
34 Assassin's LeagueDB The Gray Maybe Yes
35 Dro-m'Athra Twilight Cantor Adara'hai Yes
36 Dark BrotherhoodDB Speaker Terenus Yes
37 Draugr Narsis Dren Yes
38 Ebony Frikkhild Coldheart No
39 MinotaurDB Nonus Caprenius Yes
40 Order HourDB Amminus Entius Yes
41 Celestial The Guardian of Stars Yes
42 Hollowjack The Hollowjack Cantor Yes
43 Grim HarlequinCrowns Icon Chamberlain Haskill Yes
46 Frostcaster Doctor Alfidia Lupus No


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