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Radac's Forge is a sublocation of the Dwemer ruin of Bamz-Amschend in The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal. This area of the ruin is entered from the Passage of Whispers. Within these halls resides the ghost of an old Dwemer soldier who in life had been known to make weapons for the other troops. Passage deeper into the ruined city is blocked here by a cave in but the Nerevarine can open the way with some explosives. The majority of the treasure here can be found inside a single small room behind a trapped level 100 locked door.


  • Radac Stungnthumz — Ghost of Dwemer soldier who can help the Nerevarine put the finishing touches on the newly reforged Trueflame. He is found in a large room on the west side of the area.


There are four leveled animunculi here.

Notable itemsEdit

  • Dwemer Satchel Pack x2 — Inside an ornate Dwemer chest against the north wall just after entering the locked room.
  • Old Dwemer Book x2 — One is on the fabrication of metal and the other is about machina power consumption.
  • There are numerous contains with random loot, many of which are ingredients and Dwemer artifacts. There is a good chance of finding several pieces of Dwemer armor as well.
  • Spoiled Dwemer Oil x3 — all of them are near Steam Centurion who is showed in the screenshot.


  • The Blade of Nerevar — The Nerevarine has gotten the blade once wielded by Indoril Nerevar reforged and now seeks to give it a fiery blade effect.
  • A Show of Power — The Nerevarine must find a way through this area in order to eventually reach a weather control device which Almalexia wishes to use to create ash storms as a sign of her divine power.


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