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Radiant Destruction is a Templar active skill in the Dawn's Wrath skill line in The Elder Scrolls Online. It was known as Blinding Light up until Update 6 on March 3, 2015[1], after which it was known as Radiant Destruction.


Nearby enemies have a 50% chance to miss and be set off balance for 3.5 seconds.


  • Unlocked at Dawn's Wrath rank 42.
  • Requires 1 Skill Point.


Searing LightEdit

  • U2: Increased this ability's damage.[2]

Blinding FlashesEdit

  • U2: Increased this ability's duration. Also, monsters knocked off balance by Blinding Flashes will only display their knockback animation once. [2]


  • U1:Fixed an issue where, after re-specing, you could not spec back into Blinding Light. [3]
  • U3: This ability can now cause enemies to go off-balance when they are blocking. [4]
  • U6: As of Update 6, this ability was renamed from its former name of Blinding Light to its current name of Radiant Destruction. [1]



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