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Radiant Quests are quests that randomly select the goal or target location (see Radiant A.I.). Some can be repeated infinitely, granting the rewards each time you complete them, while sending you to a different location such that a new Radiant Quest is not likely to be a duplicate of the previous one you've accepted (though it is still possible with the limited number of available locations and objectives).


Radiant Quests are available throughout, between and after completion of most quest lines. Some quests of this nature do not appear in your quest list and therefore may not have a map marker telling you where to go.

If the Dragonborn add-on is installed, the number of possible locations for Radiant Quests includes Solstheim. If you start a Radiant Quest in Skyrim that appears in your quest log but there is no map marker, your objective may possibly be in Solstheim and vice versa.

Radiant Quests by FactionEdit

The following is a list of Radiant Quests in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by faction.


College of WinterholdEdit

Apprentice Radiant Quests

Ritual Spell Radiant Quests

The CompanionsEdit

Initial Wave

Second Wave

Final Wave

The Dark BrotherhoodEdit

Thieves GuildEdit


Miscellaneous QuestsEdit


  • Quests marked with ( * ) do not show up in your quest list.
See also: Radiant A.I.

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