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TESV Raerek
Race Elder
Gender Male
Level 6
Class Citizen
Faction Markarth
Rank Steward
Ref ID 00019904
Base ID 000133B2
"I advise Igmund the same way I advised his father. Caution, caution, caution."

Raerek is a Nord and the steward of Jarl Igmund in Markarth. He is usually found sitting next to the Jarl.


As well as being Igmund's steward, he is also his uncle and helps with the administration of Markarth. He manages the household, serves as the treasurer and commands the palace guards.



He will offer the Dragonborn the option to buy Vlindrel Hall and optional decorations once the Jarl approves.

Bothela's Discreet DeliveryEdit

As part of a miscellaneous quest, Boethela asks the Dragonborn to make a delivery to Raerek at Understone Keep.

If given the Stallion's Potion, he will be thankful for the discretion, hinting that he has some form of erectile dysfunction.

Season UnendingEdit

If the Dragonborn sides with the Stormcloaks during the Civil War questline or surrenders Markarth to them during Season Unending, Raerek, as well as Igmund and Faleen, will move to the Blue Palace.


This section contains bugs related to Raerek. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

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  • After initially inquiring about the house for sale, if the Dragonborn does not have enough gold, the option is then erased. This can be fixed on the PC using the console command "setstage favor250 20", then talking to the Jarl. He will make the Dragonborn a Thane, and Raerek will then allow purchase of the house.
  • After completing the mission given by the Jarl and asking him if there is anything else, he will give another quest. If the reward for that second quest is turned in before speaking to Raerak, the option to purchase a house will disappear.
    • This can be avoided by talking to Raerek and purchasing the house before turning the second quest in to to the Jarl.


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