"Silly old woman. Don't think I know my tales. Just wait, I'll be the greatest bard the holds have ever seen!"
―Raevild Snowraven[src]

Raevild Snowraven is a Nord bard found at the Skald's Retreat.


Song of AwakeningEdit


Song of AwakeningEdit

"Mother, why don't you understand? I'm not some milk-drinking schoolgirl!"

I never said you were? "Yes, you did! You don't believe in me. I can be a great skald. Walk Skyrim and learn the songs. Just name a tune and I'll belt out a lyric."
All right ... daughter. Sing something from the "Song of Sinmur." "Hah, ya old crow. How about the third line: "About Ysgramor, greatest of us all." See? I know the songs!"