"Bleed, you bastard! Die like the monster you are!"

Ragjar is a Nord ghost found in The Foundry of Woe. He was responsible for the death of Gjalder, Lyris Titanborn's father.


Daughter of GiantsEdit

Ragjar must be defeated as part of an attempt to free Lyris from Coldharbour.


Daughter of GiantsEdit

"Who are you? Why does Lyris walk with you?"

I'm here to help Lyris. Who are you? "In life, I was Gjalder, father to Lyris. My spirit was torn from its rest and brought to this foul place. The Daedra force me to experience my own murder, again and again. I thought my torment would never end."
They're using you to keep Lyris shackled to Coldharbour. "I don't understand. Lyris was always a free spirit. Why would my presence bind her here?"
She blames herself for your death.


Lyris TitanbornEdit

Ragjar: "Lyris? Is this true, child?"
Lyris: "You were always so cold. So distant. My mother died giving my life. It was my fault! I should never have been born!"
Ragjar: "Lyris, look at me. The blood of giants flows through my veins. Your mother was a Nord. I gave her my seed without thought for her safety. That's why she died. Not because of you, child. Because of me!"
Lyris: "I thought you blame me. You ... you couldn't even look at me, Papa!"
Ragjar: "Do you not see? When I looked at you, I saw her face. I loved her, child. Just as I love you―more than life itself. We cannot change the past, nor should we cling to it. You must not let these feelings haunt you. Let them go. Let me go."
Lyris: "I love you too, Papa. Rest now. Be at peace."