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Not to be confused with Ragnar the Red or Rognar.
"Not many Nords would work for a Reachman, but Ainethach is a good man."


Ragnar is a Nord miner who works inside Sanuarach Mine and at the smelter outside the mine.


He resides in the Karthwasten Miner's Barracks. He is Ainethach's right-hand man and helps supervise the mines. He seems to respect Ainethach a lot, despite the latter being a Reachman.


Rescue MissionEdit

Ragnar can also be involved in the radiant Companions quest "Rescue Mission," and is one of the possible characters that the Dragonborn must rescue.


  • "Ainethach is dead. What will happen to Karthwasten now?" —If Ainethach dies.


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