Raminus Polus is an Imperial Master Wizard at the Arcane University in the Imperial City. He is one of the main administrators of the Guild. He also gives advancements in rank with the exception of Arch-Mage, rather he will acknowledge you as Arch-Mage. At the end of the Necromancy Purge, he is the only surviving member of the Council of Mages as Bothiel is not part of the council.

Connection with the Mages GuildEdit

Raminus Polus provides many amenities to the Hero, as do the rest of those at the Arcane University. He offers to "recharge" their magical items. He also offers advanced spells from his personal inventory, spells, bestows and promotes ranks to them, until becoming Arch-Mage.


Polus wears a grey robe and gold trimmed shoes and casts Alteration, Destruction, Mysticism and Restoration spells.

He has much to say about everything but, due to his ties with the Mages Guild, he usually says something about the legality of Necromancy or the resigning of "half of the council of Mages."

He sits and reads for most of the day or talking to Bothiel and Traven. The Hero must give him 20 fly amanitas and 20 dragon's tongues if they break the Guild law and are kicked out. To join, he will tell them they must speak to each proctor of the Guild Hall in each of the eight major cities.

Spells for saleEdit

Spell Skill level required Effects Base magicka cost
AlterationOpenOpen Hard Lock Expert (75) Open Hard Lock on Target 176 MagickaIcon
AlterationBurdenOppressing Grasp Expert (75) Burden 75 pts for 30 secs on Touch 158 MagickaIcon
AlterationFeatherPack Mule Expert (75) Feather 150 pts for 300 secs on Self 183 MagickaIcon
AlterationShieldShield Expert (75) Shield 40% for 30 secs on Self 151 MagickaIcon
ConjurationBoundWeaponBound Sword Expert (75) Bound Sword for 15 secs on Self 352 MagickaIcon
DestructionFireFire Storm Expert (75) Fire Damage 50 pts in 15 ft on Target 378 MagickaIcon
DestructionFireHeat Blast Expert (75) Fire Damage 70 pts on Target 258 MagickaIcon
DestructionFrostIce Bolt Expert (75) Frost Damage 70 pts on Target 255 MagickaIcon
DestructionFrostIce Storm Expert (75) Frost Damage 50 pts in 15 ft on Target 373 MagickaIcon
DestructionShockLightning Blast Expert (75) Shock Damage 70 pts on Target 269 MagickaIcon
DestructionShockLightning Ball Expert (75) Shock Damage 20 pts in 15 ft for 2 secs on Target 243 MagickaIcon
IllusionInvisibilityGhostwalk Expert (75) Invisibility for 60 secs on Self 240 MagickaIcon
IllusionParalyzeImmobilize Expert (75) Paralyze for 7 secs on Touch 332 MagickaIcon
IllusionSilenceMute Expert (75) Silence in 15 ft for 15 secs on Target 303 MagickaIcon
IllusionDemoralizeTerrifying Presence Master (100) Demoralize up to level 17 for 30 secs on Target 507 MagickaIcon
IllusionLightTorchlight Expert (75) Light 50 ft for 240 secs on Self 183 MagickaIcon
MysticismDispelSuperior Dispel Expert (75) Dispel 150 pts on Self 219 MagickaIcon
MysticismDetectLifeSuperior Life Detection Expert (75) Detect Life 120 ft for 60 secs on Self 220 MagickaIcon
MysticismReflectSuperior Spell Reflection Expert (75) Reflect Spell 20% for 20 secs on Self 323 MagickaIcon
RestorationFortifyMagickaFortify Magicka Journeyman (50) Fortify Magicka 30 pts for 60 secs on Self 69 MagickaIcon
RestorationRestoreHeal Superior Wounds Expert (75) Restore Health 25 pts for 4 secs on Self 246 MagickaIcon


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  •  PC   360   PS3   If expelled from the Mages Guild, the Hero may not have the option to get the Vampire Cure until they have finished the quest Expelled from the Mages Guild.