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Main article: Weapons (Bloodmoon)
"Sigvatr wields a powerful hammer called Rammekald. It can freeze a foe where he stands. It is the weapon that killed my sweet Gustav."

Rammekald is a unique two-handed warhammer that is enchanted to inflict Frost Damage while simultaneously paralyzing an opponent.


Enchantment ID: deepfreeze_en

Both effects are cast when strikes on target:


A Wife's RetributionEdit

Kolfinna, a commoner who has recently lost her husband at the hands of Sigvatr the Strong would like retribution. She requests that the Nerevarine obtain Sigvatr's family heirloom, an emerald known as Pinetear. Should the confrontation south of the Altar of Thrond turn violent, Sigvatr uses this weapon to defend himself and it can be acquired following his death.


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