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Random encounters can be initiated either by the player or another player in the area. These can be found in all Ebonheart Pact, Aldmeri Dominion and Daggerfall Covenant zones save the starter islands.

List of known encountersEdit

  • Dark Fissure: A small tear to Coldharbour appears over the ground, and a wave of random Daedra or undead appear. After dispatching the first wave, a mini-boss will appear with another random regular enemy. Killing them gains experience and closes the Fissure.
  • Daedra Conjurer: A random NPC can be seen chanting and performing a ritual. They summon random Daedra but are immobilized by it and will only be freed when the Vestige kills it. They will then teleport away.
  • Bandits attacking trader: A random NPC merchant can be found hiding behind their horse while their guard fights 2 random bandits.
  • Bandit picking lock: A random bandit can be found attempting to pick a locked chest. When the Vestige approaches they will yell "My pick! You made me break my pick!" and attack. After killing them, a second bandit may appear and attack as well.
  • M'aiq the Liar: M'aiq can be found standing in the wilderness and will speak unique dialogue when interacted with.
  • Unlit fire: 2–3 random NPCs can be found arguing over an unlit fire. Lighting it will gain a small amount of experience and earn the "Firelight" status effect, increasing Stamina by 5% for 30 minutes. The NPCs will thank the Vestige.
  • Wandering Merchant: An unnamed merchant can be found traveling the roads between settlements with a Caravan Guard and a horse. They cannot be bartered with.
  • Conjurer vs Sorceror: 2 random NPCs can be found with fight each other in a magic duel.
  • Hunter: A random NPC armed with a bow hunting a non-hostile creature (deer, pony guar, etc.).
  • Beggar: A random NPC approaches and asks the Vestige for 5 gold. If given, it will award a small amount of experience points. (Achievement related)
  • Innocent as bait: A random NPC is tied up asking for help, when the Vestige approaches 3 bandits appear and attack. Killing them earns experience points.
  • Group of partying vampires: While in Cyrodiil at night, a group of dancing NPC's can sometimes be found. Talking to one results in them offering you a drink. After consuming said drink, the screen turns black and you wake up some time later alone...