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Rargal Thrallmaster

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Rargal Thrallmaster
Race Nord
Gender Male
Level PCx1
Class Vampire
Faction Volkihar Clan
Rank Thrallmaster
Essential Yes - if the Dawnguard is joined

Always - if the vampiers are joined

Ref ID xx0033AE
Base ID xx003362
"I try and meet the needs of everyone here. No reason for any of us to go hungry."
―Rargal Thrallmaster[src]

Rargal Thrallmaster is a Nord vampire member of the Volkihar Clan.

He tends to the various Vampire Cattle found in Castle Volkihar. He reveals that he captures them from all over Skyrim and tries to keep a wide selection for every taste. He warns the Dragonborn not to kill any, or else there will be consequences.


  • "You're welcome here, as long as you don't overfeed on the thralls."
  • "Without the royal blood flowing through you, you're one step away from the rest of the thralls. You disrespect Lord Harkon by walking around here like that. Go see him at once, else you might find yourself in a cage." - If cured of Vampirism.


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