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Rasha is an Argonian trader who can be encountered on the road between Caldera and Ald'ruhn in the West Gash region.


Rasha does regular business with Bivale Teneran in Ald'ruhn's Manor District, delivering fine clothing to her to reasonable prices.[1] As a merchant, he trusts the god of commerce, Zenithar.[2]


The Shirt of His BackEdit

Rasha is late on a delivery of Exquisite Shirts to Bivale Teneran's shop in Ald'ruhn's Manor District. He asks the Nerevarine to take and deliver the shirts in his stead. If they agree, Rasha gives them the shirts, which he was previously wearing, and is then clothed in only his pants.



Greeting "Greetings, traveler. Rasha wishes you well and thinks you maybe can help him with some pressing business."

pressing business "Yes. Most pressing. I have, you see, a shipment of clothing...fine clothing, it get to Ald-ruhn. But, I fear other business draws me away. Perhaps, I think, you and I might come to an arrangement, yes? If you will deliver Rasha's shirts...these fine, fine Bivale Teneran the clothier in Ald-ruhn, she will pay you for your services. And a generous woman she is. I would ask that you swear an oath to Zenithar to seal our arrangement, though. Yes. What do you think of my offer, hmmmm?"

"I'm sorry. I cannot do that now." "No? Very sad for both of us. We both stood to gain much. Perhaps you are already cursed by Zenithar, yes? Perhaps he will not accept your oath. I must go. I don't want your curse to be rubbing off on me. No, not on me."
Greeting "Must get fine shirts to marketplace."
pressing business "I will find another way to deliver my shirts, you who are not helpful."
"I swear to Zenithar I will deliver your shipment." "Most excellent, yes? We will both gain from this...I shall keep my good name, and you shall benefit from Teneran's generosity. Wonderful. Take care, [PC Name], one should not take an oath sworn to Zenithar lightly. No, never lightly."
Greeting "You swore by Zenithar you would deliver my shirts. Please, go now. I have given you the shirt from my back, and must have that delivery."
Bivale Teneran "Yes, to Teneran my fine shirts must go. She is in Ald'ruhn, under the big shell."
pressing business "Yes, we have made our arrangement. Now go, Oath-Swearer. You must deliver those shirts for me."
Greeting (after delivering the shirts) "Your help was appreciated, friend of Rasha."
pressing business "It is good the shirts have been delivered. I thank you."


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