"Hello. I'm Rasheda -- the smith -- and this is Fire and Steel. Quality armor and weapons, repairs, too. What can I do for you?"

Rasheda quote

Rasheda is a Redguard who runs the weapons store Fire and Steel in central Chorrol. She is a Journeyman armorer trainer and sells the unique item Rasheda's Special, a pair of steel gauntlets. She also repairs enchanted items.



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  • Its possible after your first visit to her shop that you may find the door locked, even during regular game open times. If you pick the lock Rasheda will be either missing or found dead, in some cases Sabine Laul will be leaving the shop as you enter often with damaged health. It can be assumed Sabine killed Rasheda, although it isn't clear why as there is no quest for this.
    • It is possible the door was locked and Sabine was asked to leave and didn't, prompting an unscripted fight. As Sabine carries a weapon, this would make sense why she wins.