Ravyn Imyan is a Dunmer thief and a member of the Thieves Guild.


If asked where he came from, Ravyn claims Morrowind is his home. He also states he was a member of the Morag Tong, an infamous, public assassin's guild. When compared to the Dark Brotherhood, he says that the Tong and Brotherhood were fierce rivals, one working in the shadows, the other under justice.

He states that after the catastrophic eruption of the Red Mountain, the Morag Tong disbanded, though he claims they vowed to reunite one day in the future, expressing his doubts on the matter. If asked why he did not join the Brotherhood, Imyan warns that if they discovered his identity, they would surely mark him for death, as well as those who associate with him. The Dragonborn agrees to keep the secret for the time being.


  • Ravyn Imyan appears once the Thieves Guild growth reaches stage 4.
  • He clearly refers to his former employers as the "Morang Tong." This mistake appears both in the subtitles and his pronunciation of the name.
  • Ravyn mentions that the Dark Brotherhood would put a contract on his head if they see him, but even if the Dragonborn is the leader of the Dark Brotherhood this is still impossible. The Dragonborn will still promise to keep his past as a secret.
  • As he was a witness of Red Mountain's eruption in the year 4E 5, it is safe to assume he is at least 200 years old.