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Ravyn Imyan is a Dunmer thief who joins the Riften's Thieves Guild after all four of the "Under New Management" quests have been completed.


Pursuing conversation with Ravyn reveals that he is a former member of the Morag Tong. As such, he is not on best terms with the Dark Brotherhood, and so turned his skills to the Thieves Guild instead.

He fled Morrowind when Red Mountain erupted and the great evacuation of Morrowind occurred. He is with the guild until the Morag Tong one day reforms. He's rather arrogant and acts with a sense of superiority towards the Dragonborn, even when they have become the Guildmaster.


  • Ravyn Imyan appears once the Thieves Guild growth reaches stage 4.
  • He clearly refers to his former employers as the "Morang Tong." This mistake appears both in the subtitles and his pronunciation of the name.
  • Ravyn mentiones that The Dark Brotherhood would put a contract on his head if they see him, but even if the Dragonborn is the leader of The Dark Brotherhood this is still impossible. The Dragonborn will still promise to keep his past as a secret.


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