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Raw Ebony

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Raw Ebony Vein

Raw Ebony vein in Raven Rock

For other uses, see Ebony Ore.
"Raw ebony is one of the most precious substances in the Empire, and most of the continent's deposits are here on Vvardenfell. Raw ebony itself is an extremely hard, durable, black glass-like substance, said to be the crystalized blood of the gods. Raw ebony is protected by Imperial law, and may not be mined or exported without an Imperial charter. Ebony smuggling is a profitable but dangerous source of illegal wealth on Vvardenfell."
Tendris Vedran and Anarenen dialogue in Morrowind[src]

Raw Ebony is an ore available in Vvardenfell and Solstheim.


Quest rewardEdit


  • There are 94 ebony rocks and 162 free samples plus 5 cursed samples in the game.[1]



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