Raynasa Rethan is a Dunmer nightblade who lives in Rethan Manor after the Hlaalu Stronghold. Although she is the owner of the stronghold, she is not a member of House Hlaalu. If the Nerevarine is a member of the two other houses, they will be instructed to kill her.


Slay Raynasa RethanEdit

(House Redoran quest)
Having removed the growing Telvanni threat symbolized by Reynel Uvirith, Faral Retheran has one last quest for the Nerevarine to complete for him.

Kill Raynasa RethanEdit

(House Telvanni quest)
Having been named as a Master of House Telvanni by recruiting Fast Eddie as their Mouth, the Nerevarine will receive a new quest from Master Aryon once they have built the first phase of their stronghold, Tel Uvirith.