"Attention everyone! Could I have your attention, please! I have an announcement to make! I propose a toast to Elenwen! Our Mistress! I speak figuratively, of course. Nothing could be more unlikely than that someone would actually want her in their bed. Although... most of you are already in bed with her! But again... I speak figuratively, of course!"

Razelan is a Redguard East Empire Trading Company businessman and a drunken party guest at the Thalmor Embassy.


After he attended several parties at the Thalmor Embassy, Elenwen disallowed him from drinking to further prevent any more incidents. According to him, making a scene while drunk is "something of a specialty of mine."


Diplomatic ImmunityEdit

Upon arriving at the Thalmor Embassy via carriage, the Dragonborn is greeted by Razelan, who considers the other guests to be penny pinchers, and is verbal about it.

Razelan distracts the partygoers if the Dragonborn brings him a goblet of Colovian Brandy. He gladly offers the distraction, so Malborn and the Dragonborn can escape to the kitchen, where the Dragonborn's smuggled equipment hides.

Razelan stands up in the middle of the room and offers a toast to Elenwen, the mistress of everyone in the room, but "figuratively, of course." After he makes a reference to everyone sleeping or having slept with her, the guards become forceful, making him sit back down. If the opportunity to escape the party with Malborn is missed, Razelan will create another distraction if more brandy is brought to him.

Even if the Dragonborn does not use Razelan's distraction, most of the other distractions available involve accusing him of something.



  • Maven Black-Briar states that he is a high ranking member of the East Empire Company.
  • He calls all the other guests at the party "penny-pinchers and lick-spittles."
  • Although he attends Elenwen's parties, Razelan apparently has a strong dislike for the Thalmor, as he says, "If you want to do business in Tamriel, you have to go through them, like it or not."
  • If his service of creating a distraction is taken and the player makes an escape, he can be heard though the door telling the guards "Wouldn't want to annoy our Thalmor overlords, now would we?" and for someone to "get me a drink, quick!"
  • If one persuades Ondolemar to create a distraction, he will then accuse Razelan of speaking out against the Thalmor, to which Razelan will protest that "I'm completely innocent this time!", suggesting that Razelan has spoken against the Thalmor in the past. He also claims this for most of the other distractions created by other characters at the party, suggesting he may have harassed the other guests in the past.