Razing the Forest is a quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon. There has been news of recent Spriggan activity at the colony. The Nerevarine is tasked with getting rid of any Spriggans near the grove of trees at the Eastern end of the colony. Unel Lloran is involved in this quest.


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Razing the Forest
Carnius has gotten word of problems with Spriggans at the colony, and wants me to get rid of them. I should talk to Unel Lloran when the Spriggans have been dealt with.
  • Quest accepted
Falco is concerned about recent Spriggan activity at the colony. He wants me to get rid of any Spriggans near the grove of trees at the Eastern end of the colony. When I'm done, I need to let Unel Lloran know. Falco thinks he's probably in the bar.
The Spriggans have been killed off for now.
Unel Lloran has told me that the colonists have tried cutting down the trees to no avail. He guessed that something could be done if he had access to the roots, but believes them to be too far underground for him to dig down to them.
The miners have mentioned that a cavern was discovered in the mine that was filled with tree roots too difficult to cut through, so they abandoned work on it. It's at the bottom level of the mine, in the passage to the north.
I checked the passage and found the roots. I should let Unel Lloran know about them.
I've agreed to show Unel Lloran the place in the mine that's overrun with tree roots.
I've brought Unel Lloran to the abandoned mine shaft with the tree roots.
Unel Lloran has said that if he can poison the tree roots, it may weaken them enough to cut down the trees. He'd like me to bring him five bittergreen petals, which I'll likely have to find someplace outside Solstheim.
I've delivered the bittergreen petals to Unel Lloran, who will use them to poison the water and weaken the trees. There's nothing more I can do to help; I should relay what's happened.
Falco was glad to hear that the trees are being dealt with, and has asked me to keep an eye out for Spriggans in the future.
  • Quest complete
Carnius was relieved that the Spriggans would no longer pose a threat to the mining operation.
  • Quest complete


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