Not to be confused with Lazum-dar or Radash-dar.
"Razum-dar is just a simple Khajiit. He seeks the best for all the people of Tamriel. Also, a saddle that won't pinch the tail. One day ...."

Razum-dar, also known as Raz by his closer friends, is a Khajiit found initially in Eagle's Strand. He describes himself as "a simple Khajiit" and "no one special", but he later reveals to be an agent of the Eyes of the Queen, the intelligence network of Queen Ayrenn.

Razum-dar serves as her liaison to the player when she is busy with other matters throughout most of the Dominion questline.


Aldmeri Dominion QuestsEdit

Storm on the HorizonEdit

Razum-dar witnesses the Vestige fall from the sky and helps him blend in with the Dominion garrison that had recently landed on Khenarthi's Roost.

He asks you to scout and return to him after investigating two locations.

The Perils of DiplomacyEdit

Razum-dar asks the Vestige to take a token and talk to the The Silvenar about the treaty. After returning to him, he tells the Vestige to sneak into the Maormer Embassy to get the stolen treaty. He will instruct the Vestige to talk to Harrani and The Green Lady about the evidence.

To AuridonEdit

After the events in Khenarthi's Roost, Razum-dar points the Vestige to Captain Jimila who takes them all on her ship to Auridon.

A Hostile SituationEdit

Razum-dar asks the Vestige to become his new partner now that Fasion, a fellow agent serving the Queen, is dead. He instructs the Vestige to talk to Eshaba and continue uncovering the plot on the Queen's life.

To MathiisenEdit

Putting the Pieces TogetherEdit

The UnveilingEdit

To SkywatchEdit

Lifting the VeilEdit

The Veil FallsEdit

Breaking the BarrierEdit

Sever All TiesEdit

Frighten the FearsomeEdit

Veil of IllusionEdit

Double JeopardyEdit

A Storm Upon the ShoreEdit

Striking at the HeartEdit

Gates of FireEdit

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Debts of WarEdit

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Gold Coast questsEdit

The Sweetroll KillerEdit


Appearing quite aloof and innocent, Razum-dar is actually a cunning spy for Queen Ayrenn. Oftentimes the khajiit would speak in riddles and keep up his facade of being a foolish bystander.



  • "Razum-dar is just a simple Khajiit. He seeks the best for all the people of Tamriel. Also, a saddle that won't pinch the tail. One day..."
  • "You contact agent Fistalle on the east side of town. This one pads around her house. Then, we meet to discuss her report. Too bad Raz is so handsome, yes? He would get noticed."
  • "You have, perhaps, something better to do? Look, we are the Queen's Eyes. We do the tasks that must be done, even if it means getting hit on the head. Killing those who do not deserve it. Riding a guar naked through an Argonian temple."
  • "Raz only shares that story with veteran field agents. Perhaps another day."
  • "You're awake now, sleeping kitten?"
  • "Raz looks good in this form. But then, Raz always looks good. Queen Ayrenn could maybe learn a thing or two from this one."
  • "Queen Ayrenn has already decided to blame Pelidil and the Heritance for this treachery. But Raz knows she loved her brother in her own High Elf, noble, emotionally stunted way. Tell her, but gently."
  • "Razum-dar is first in the Eyes of the Queen. He has sworn his life to the service of Ayrenn Arana Aldmeri. To die in service to Her Majesty, it is what he prays for in the morning. Well ... perhaps not prays for."
  • "Ah good ... you're here. Razum-dar was afraid he would have to bleed to death by himself."
  • "This one? Injured? Nobody can injure Razum-dar. He is invincible ... but he must ask that you talk quickly. He does not think he will be awake long."
  • "The Queen tells Raz that you speak with her authority, yes? This responsibility is a great one! Better you than Raz. You are aware of what will be involved?"
  • "Certain communications must be made. Dangerous communications. This will ensure the safety of all. This one may have to delegate. Hmm. Yes, of course. Cariel will do that. Ah. That was not so hard."


Show: To Mathiisen

"Ahh, my friend. This one was just thinking about you. Nothing personal, of course. Raz threat-assess all of his assets."

The Battlereeve said you're looking into a Veiled Heritance connection here?
"Yes, yes. We are here to gather some intelligence, right some wrongs. And perhaps slit some throats. We will see how the day goes." (30 GoldIcon Quest Completed – "To Mathiisen")

Show: Putting the Pieces Together

"You'll be perfect for this. You'll see, Raz has an eye for this sort of thing."

What do you have in mind?
"Her majesty set this one a task: investigate the leadership of the Veiled Heritance. The Veil's trail leads here, to the town of Mathiisen. Well known for their steel blades, yes? But also, apparently, weaponsmiths for anarchists."

Where do I fit in?
"You contact agent Fistalle on the east side of town. This one pads around her house. Then, we meet to discuss her report. Too bad Raz is so handsome, yes? He would get noticed."
Whatever you say, Razum-dar.
"The Heritance are racists yes? Idiots. But dangerous, destabilizing racist idiots. We must act."
You trust me even though I'm new to the Eyes?
"Her Majesty trusts you. And you were of great help in Vulkhel Guard. Why would this one not trust a new, fresh face? Raz would never watch you with careful eyes, ready for the first sign of betrayal! Never!"
Can you tell me more about the Veiled Heritance?
"Raz may have oversimplified. These Altmer, the ones who wear the veil. They do not see themselves as racists. They see themselves as members of a far superior race. The rest of us just need some ... help."
What's their ultimate goal?
"Auridon for the Altmer." Cats like this one out, shortie elves out. Nothing but tall folk, fair skin, and pointed ears as far as the eye can see. Boring, yes?"
Show: Debts of WarDB

"This one must respectfully request that you move along. Raz has dangerous business in these ruins and you would just get in Raz's way. Unless... You would be willing to help stop a dangerous war criminal, yes?"

What kind of dangerous criminal?
"Only the notorious Butcher of Bravil―Captain Jean Apinia! My talkative prisoner finally revealed the Captain's location. And she's close. Very close. Soon, with your assistance, Raz will make her pay for her crimes of war and terror."

What did Captain Apinia do exactly?
"The coward and her loyal soldiers fled the Imperial City when the chains fell. In Bravil, they stole valuable items to finance their retirement. When the mayor complained, she ordered her soldiers to start killing. Now Raz must make an example of her."
I'll help you deal with this war criminal and recover the items.
"This one recognized you as a warrior of distinction! We should split up, yes? Explore separately and locate the Captain and the stolen items. If you find the captain before I do, please give Raz's utmost regards. Preferably, right in the heart."
Who are you again?
"Questions? At a time like this? As you wish... This one is Razum-dar, just a simple Khajiit who seeks the best for all people of Tamriel. And a soap that won't dry the fur. One day..."
Then why are you chasing a war criminal?
"Some answers are too dangerous to hear, yes? But this one is also an Eye of the Queen. That means... no, nevermind what that means. Just understand. Captain Apinia decided it was all right to kill innocent people. For that, Raz will make her pay."
Tell me about the items that were stolen.
"Official trinkets. Valuable to the right people, Raz supposes, but mostly important to Bravil's citizens. Let's see... There's the city's seal, the tax collector's ledger, and the mayor's signet ring. You can see why Bravil wants them back, yes?"
What's Captain Apinia doing in these ruins?
"Raz's friend here, a pirate on the ship Apinia hired, says they found safe haven with the agents of the Gold Coast Trading Company. What they're doing in these ruins, Raz has no clue."
So the Gold Coast Trading Company is evil?
"Evil? Raz doesn't like to judge. Greedy? As the day is long! If Raz is feeling generous, maybe he'll send Apinia's head to the company's boss when we're done. Meanwhile, my friend will sit quietly while we hunt. Or he'll be dead. Raz can't decide."

"Nothing sharpens the claws like dispatching criminals and murderers! And we all survived, which makes the victory that much sweeter."

We killed the war criminal and recovered the stolen items.
"Apinia is dead, so she won't slaughter any more citizens. That will please Queen Ayrenn, which pleases Raz. And we recovered Bravil's trinkets. A good day's work, yes? This one might stick around. Looking into Trading Company. Stay fragrant, my friend!"

"This one truly appreciates all the help you provided. May your claws stay sharp and your fur never tangle, my friend!"

Razum-dar: "Butcher of Bravil! This one claims your head!"
Captain Jean Apinia: "Queen Ayrenn's mangy cat? Again?
I should have chopped off your tail the last time we met!"
Razum-dar: "Jone and Jode that hurts!"

Razum-dar: "Job for Cariel!"
Cariel: "No way. Do it yourself."
Razum-dar: "What? Why?"
Cariel: "Thrush is a homicidal maniac, and Copper Dariah? Let's just say I'm not her favorite person."
Razum-dar: "Why is Copper Dariah displeased with Cariel?"
Cariel: "I may have collapsed a building on top of her. Accidentally."
Razum-dar: "Ah, yes. This one forgot about that. Very well. Raz will take care of it. And he will send Copper Dariah your warmest regards."


  • During the quest "Gates of Fire" in Reaper's March, you have the option to either destroy the Circlet thus killing Raz or Depowering the Tower Rune saving Raz from death. Whether he lives or not, he can be found later on in the Dominion Questline and in the Gold Coast.
  • The Dark Brotherhood knows of Razum-dar's presence in the Gold Coast, considering him "a stranger to their lands."[1]
  • Razum-Dar is considered to be very dangerous by the Ring of Daggers, as well as the several spy networks across Tamriel.[citation needed]