Here is a list of effects of Reagents.


Effect Reagent 1 Reagent 2 Reagent 3 Reagent 4 Reagent 5 Reagent 6
Detection Wormwood Corn Flower
Increase Armor Imp Stool Mountain Flower
Increase Spell Power Lady's Smock Corn Flower Violet Coprinus
Increase Spell Resist Bugloss White Cap
Increase Weapon Power Dragonthorn Blessed Thistle Stinkhorn
Invisible Blue Entoloma Nirnroot Namira's Rot
Lower Armor Dragonthorn Stinkhorn
Lower Spell Power White Cap Blue Entoloma Bugloss
Lower Spell Resist Violet Coprinus Lady's Smock
Lower Spell Crit Nirnroot White Cap
Lower Weapon Crit Nirnroot Imp Stool
Lower Weapon Power Luminous Russula Mountain Flower
Ravage Health Stinkhorn Nirnroot Violet Coprinus Emetic Russula Corn Flower Blessed Thistle
Ravage Magicka Blue Entoloma White Cap Emetic Russula Violet Coprinus
Ravage Stamina Luminous Russula Emetic Russula Imp Stool Stinkhorn
Reduce Speed Luminous Russula Wormwood
Restore Health Columbine Water Hyacinth Bugloss Mountain Flower Luminous Russula Blue Entoloma
Restore Magicka Lady's Smock Columbine Bugloss Corn Flower
Restore Stamina Blessed Thistle Dragonthorn Columbine Mountain Flower
Spell Crit Namira's Rot Water Hyacinth Lady's Smock
Speed Namira's Rot Blessed Thistle
Stun Water Hyacinth Emetic Russula
Unstoppable Wormwood Columbine Namira's Rot
Weapon Crit Dragonthorn Wormwood Water Hyacinth