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Reaper (Dawnguard)

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Reaper (Dawnguard)
Basic Info
Level PC×1.5 (10-100)
Health-icon 220+(PC-1.5)×17.5
MagickaIcon 0
Spells/Abilities Vile Vapor
Loot 3 Black Soul Gems (empty), 1 Daedra Heart, 1 Iron Battleaxe
Soul Size Grand
Base ID xx01A73E
"Shh, he's watching us"

The Reaper is a secret boss found in the Reaper's Lair, which itself can be found in the Soul Cairn. To fight it, the Dragonborn must place at least three Reaper Gem Fragments on its altar to summon it.


The Reaper itself is a giant, ghostly, masked figure that wields an Iron Battleaxe and wears the same armor and cowl seen on executioners, such as the Imperial Headsman, and also wears Scaled Bracers.

During combat it will spit green slime like the Afflicted. When defeated it drops three empty Black Soul Gems, an Iron Battleaxe, and a Daedra Heart, suggesting that it is Daedric in nature. The Reaper is mentioned by some souls found in the Soul Cairn, even though they don't know who or what he is.



  • Some souls within the Soul Cairn may give reference to him by saying, for example, "Shh, he's watching us!"
  •  PC   Reaper's hood can be obtained via console command as "Reaperr Hood" (The typo existed by default)
  •  PC   Reaperr Hood only appears as the Reaper's hood when worn by male character, it appears as Shrouded Hood if worn by female characters.


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  •  PC   360   Using the spell Detect Dead or the Shout Aura Whisper will reveal all of the Reaper's minions inside the floor. By standing above one of these minions and attacking, the Reaper and his minions will rise and attack the player, at which point they can be fought and killed without placing or gathering any of the Reaper Gem Fragments. Another way, not requiring the Detect Dead spell, is by walking to the far side of the room from the door. The ghostly smoke effect of the reaper can be seen through the pile of bones he is standing in, about where his head would be. If the Dragonborn goes up to him and tries to select him as if to initiate dialog, he will step forward and his minions will rise.
  •  360   It is possible for the creature to attack without using the required items to summon it.
  •  360   It is possible to force the Reaper and his minions to attack by using area of affect attacks on the bone piles. A simple Unrelenting Force shout works or a Simple Fire Rune.
  •  360   It is possible that the Reaper's remains can't be looted.


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