"I should get back to work. Money doesn't count itself."
―Reburrus Quintilius[src]

Reburrus Quintilius is an Imperial residing in Markarth. He works for the Silver-Blood Family.


He is in good standing with the Silver-Blood family, especially Thonar Silver-Blood, in Markarth and works for them in the Treasury House.


Reburrus strongly dislikes the outsiders in the city and shows a hostile behaviour towards the Dragonborn when passing by him. If Stormcloaks take Markarth, he will become more friendly.


If siding with Ulfric Stormcloak and completing the quest "The Battle for Fort Sungard" or "Season Unending" in favor of the Stormcloaks, Reburrus Quintilius will be the Steward to the new Jarl, Thongvor Silver-Blood. He will be able to sell the Dragonborn a home in Markarth as well as the usual home decorations. If siding with the Imperials and completing "The Battle for Fort Sungard," Reburrus will be exiled and found in the Palace of the Kings in Windhelm.


  • "Bother someone else."
  • "Didn't I speak clear enough? Out of my way!"
  • "Good to see you. Finally someone useful is around" (after becoming the steward)
  • "I should get back to work. Money doesn't count itself."
  • "Out of my way, outsider."
  • "Out of my way, kinsman." (if the Dragonborn is a Nord)
  • "Something you need, you miserable wretch?" (in exile)
  • "Time to prepare some more records on the silver trade."


  • Reburrus will refer to the Dragonborn as "kinsman" if they are a Nord, despite being an Imperial himself.